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A Free Home Valuation Concentrated on What Your Home is Really Worth 

South Florida Flippers have confidence in teaching our customers so they can settle on the best choice FOR THEM. Our Free Home Valuation mentions to you what your home is worth just as what it could be worth in the event that you choose to do the fixes. Arm yourself with the data you have to sell your South Florida home for what it’s worth, without all the negotiations and hassle.

What our clients can expect from our free home valuation:
  • List of all similar properties that sold in the neighborhood recently
  • Pictures of the subject properties (use these pictures to determine any necessary upgrades)
  • Days on the market for each property (provides an expectation on the time it takes to sell)
  • Our expert evaluator will tell you what the house could be worth, and will even provide an idea of the work needed to reach a higher value.

Worried about the condition of your South Florida home? Want a look into how much repairs will cost?? Check out our free guide on estimating repairs.

With an understanding of cost for repairs plus your home value, you’ll have a good idea of how much you could sell your house for and what your profit might be. At this point, you can decide the best option to sell your home. Does it make sense to work with a real estate agent?

Or is it better to sell your home fast? Most of our customers choose to skip the hassle of repairs altogether and simply sell their house for cash.

If that sounds like you, let’s work together! Sell your Florida home  to South Florida Flippers with an as-is CASH OFFER.

Fill out the form on the right or pick up the phone and give us a call for your FREE home valuation.



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