Sergio Pejoves is the founder of Sp Real Estate Mgmt & Home Buyers LLC, a Texas Company that is dedicated to acquire deeply discounted properties with the purpose of buying, fixing/rehabilitating and selling, buying and wholesaling and buying and holding for cash flow and long term appreciation. Sergio is a graduate of the Business Administration and Marketing school of the Peruvian Institute of Administration. Following his time in school, Sergio successfully ran his family business in Peru for several years, before moving to the United States in 1999 where he got introduced to the Mortgage Industry in El Paso, Texas.


Sergio Pejoves


Through hard work and dedication, he became a licensed real estate agent and a top producing Million-Dollar mortgage originator in the West Texas Region. In 2006 he moved to Houston where he focused on a career in real estate investments. With a passion and dedication to real estate, he applied his vision, knowledge, and experience to begin acquiring distressed real estate to renovate and resell. His unique eye for design and vision for what could be, ensured each project was a true success. In 2012 Sergio founded ProjectBungalows, a high-end rehab and new construction company dedicated to developing and rehabilitating distressed bungalows in the Greater Heights area in Houston Texas.


Alan Vermiglio is an acquisition associate for South Florida Flippers LLC. He has an extensive background in marketing, sales, and finance. Alan is born and raised in Milwaukee, WI but is excited to take his skill sets to South Florida where he will be managing the acquisitions of properties for our portfolio. He always knew he wanted to be in the real estate arena and finally made that leap in late 2019 where he began his real estate investing career. We are excited to have him as part of our team!

Alan Vermiglio

Acquisition Associate


Mr. Pejoves has a track record operating a successful renovation and spec home building business along with residential property investing since 2002.

Mr. Pejoves has been investing in the Houston residential real estate both as a developer and real estate investor. Mr. Pejoves has bought, develop and SOLD more than $12M worth of Luxury Real Estate in the Houston Heights Area. To Learn more please visit www.projectbungalows.com 

In addition to his retail operations, Mr Pejoves manages Houston Flippers, a Wholesale Platform for Real Estate Investors bringing deeply discounted properties to its partners and preferred real estate investors, he has wholesaled Millions of dollars in equity. if you would like to learn more please visit, www.houstonflippers.com. 


Mr. Pejoves currently controls over $11M dollars worth of real estate, he is the sole Member of all his Holdings. He has been involved in the Texas market since 2006.

Since October 2018 he acquired a large Portfolio of SFR, Duplexes and 10 plex totaling 105 Units in the Milwaukee, WI Market. He has successfully re-positioned the asset from 82% to 92% occupancy in a matter of months, with hard work and perseverance and implementing his experienced as a real estate investor he was able to increase revenue by 20% without increasing any rents.

With the above in place he has been exposed to several new opportunities. In May of 2019 Mr Pejoves closed on a large package of 60 doors consisting of SFR and a few duplexes, which are outlined this presentation to show potential lenders a snapshot of his business model. 


In 2019 Mr. Pejoves opened operations in Florida markets. He founded Worth Avenue Real Estate Investments which primarily focuses on multi-family projects nationwide. Mr. Pejoves has a long record of successful projects, ventures, satisfied clients and business partners. All his brands and activities incorporates all of Sergio’s experience,knowledge and resources to help sellers dispose their unwanted properties. 

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