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Unexpected moves are more common than you might think. Whether your job asks you to relocate or you need to because of personal reasons, it’s something we see all the time. The problem is, the current system is not set up to handle relocation.

A traditional real estate agent requires time and planning that you just don’t have. You have to wait until they find the right buyer, sit through negotiations and then patiently wait for escrow to close. Not to mention, if the deal falls through, you have to start the cycle all over again, plus deal with the added costs of rescheduling your moving help. It’s a lot of time and money wasted when you could get a deal done in as little as 9 days.

Consider selling your house for cash to South Florida Flippers. From the initial call to closing, we can buy your house and close in just over a week. More than a stress-relief, working with South Florida Flippers means that you have cash on-hand to pay for all your moving-related expenses.

But the best part is, if you sell your house to South Florida Flippers, you won’t have any moving-related expenses. The cash will be all yours. Use our Moving Assistance Program and we’ll pay for you to move. Seriously. What agent do you know who would help you out like that?

Hidden Costs for Relocation

Let’s say you don’t care about the Moving Assistance Program. Maybe you want to know what exactly are those moving-related expenses?

Well, it depends on the seller, but there are a lot of them you don’t tend to think about until they pop up. Take a look at the ways you can save money by selling your house to South Florida Flippers. 

Sell Your Home Fast with South Florida Flippers House Buyers

When you add up the costs, it starts to look like selling your home to South Florida flippers is the quick, cost-effective option that is most helpful to you. Whatever your reason for selling – divorce, inheritance, or flood damage – we’re ready to make an offer.

When you’re ready to talk to one of our investors, give us a call at +(561)-316-9948 or submit a form. We’ll help create your best plan to sell your home fast



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